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Case studies

Country Case study
DE Opportunities for creating an eco-economy: Lessons learned from the Regional Action and Bio-energy Regions schemes
AT What impact does a high share of organic farming have on Resilience, adaptive capacity and innovation networks?
BE Alternative financing mechanisms to promote multifunctional agriculture and increase the Resilience of farming systems
CH Sub-urban food production systems in a Swiss agglomeration: The example of the milk supply chain in Bern
DK Developing landscape strategies: a framework for place-based local development strategies
ES Innovation and social learning in intensive vegetable production in the Murcia region
FR Trajectories of combined specialization and diversification in fruit and vegetables production in the south of France
IE Towards the sustainable intensification of grass-based production: the role of innovation in the Agricultural Catchments Programme (ACP)
IL Rural innovation in global fluctuation: The Arava region case study
IT Extensive pig production systems: the role of local breeds and innovation in meeting urban demand for quality pork
LT Resilient farming systems and market differentiation: challenges and opportunities in farmers' markets
LV Development trajectories for small-scale farming: valorization of local knowledge and learning
SE The sustainability of developmental trends in agricultural landscapes, assessed through ecosystem services
TR The role of farmer organizations in strengthening the Resilience and competitiveness of farming