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3. May 2016 17:04

'Rethinking rural resilience'

RETHINK features in ENRD's 'Rural Connections' magazine

The spring 2016 issue of the European Network for Rural Development's 'Rural Connections' magazine sees a contribution by RETHINK's Scientific Coordinator Karlheinz Knickel, entitled 'Rethinking rural resilience'.

In the magazine's section on 'Rural issues, rural perspectives', the article presents four key lessons from the project, regarding (1) farms facing global markets, (2) public funding based on farm performance beyond economic aspects, (3) local farmer-driven innovation, and (4) informal networks in integrated rural development.

Read the full article Initiates file downloadhere.

Publication details:

Karlheinz Knickel (2016): Rethinking rural resilience. In: Rural Connections: The European Rural Development Magazine. Brussels: European Network for Rural Development. Spring 2016, 17. ISSN 2443-7379.