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In RETHINK, we will explore alternative development trajectories, highlight innovation opportunities, and identify potential synergies between farm modernisation and sustainable rural development. More specifically, the objectives of the project are to:

  1. Use a set of 14 case studies, i.e. real-life examples, to explore the connections between farm modernisation, rural development and resilience and indicate how we can shape them in positive ways (see the Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fensterbrief profiles of case studies here).
  2. Identify key features of resilience in agricultural and rural systems, and in urban-rural relations, in a broad spectrum of contexts, taking into account social, cultural, environmental and economic diversity (see in particular case studies from DE, BE, CH, DK, LT and SE).
  3. Explore the role of multifunctional land use in the resilience of agricultural systems, integrating agricultural production with other landscape functions (thus moving far beyond technological fixes and the decoupling of resource use and production) (see in particular case studies from DE, BE, DK, IT, LV and SE).
  4. Draw attention to place-specific potentials and by ways to foster rural prosperity through agriculture (case studies from DE, AT, BE, CH, ES, FR, IE, IL, IT, LV and TR).

    And thus:
  5. Contribute to a balanced (regional, agricultural) development and sustainable urban-rural relations.
  6. Help overcome simplistic viewpoints of what 'modernization' entails by identifying best practices supporting a sustainable agriculture in vibrant rural areas.