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2. eToro Trading Platform Reviews

At, we’ve tested and analysed eToro’s trading platform and trading conditions in depth and wanted to hear from other users of this online broker. Our experience with eToro has been positive so far, especially about their social trading platform and their „Copy Trader“ tool to follow and copy the trades of experienced traders and take advantage of their knowledge and strategies to make a profit. It seems to us a powerful tool especially for beginners and somewhat less recommended for more advanced users or those who want to invest manually.

The question that arises is whether our opinion is in line with the opinions of other eToro users and for this purpose we have compiled a number of opinions about eToro that we have found in reviews on various websites, in forums and in some specialised blogs. We have grouped and categorised these reviews and the conclusions we have come to are as follows:

eToro Trading Platform Reviews

eToro offers a very user-friendly and attractively designed social trading platform.

This platform allows us to easily find the best traders who are already trading on eToro: we can locate them through rankings, comprehensive statistics and numerous search filters. Once we have selected the ones we are interested in, we can connect with them and copy their trades by allocating a portion of our funds. This way, every trade these traders open is automatically copied into our eToro account and we can profit from the knowledge and trading strategies of experienced traders. It is also a good way to learn how to trade by analysing the trades made by each trader we are following.

Many of the opinions we have found highlight the simplicity of use and how quick and easy it is to understand how it works. It is also a web-based platform that requires no download or installation on your computer.

As for the version for mobile devices, it does need to be downloaded to the terminal. It is available for Android and iOS operating systems. In both cases the platform is quite similar, user reviews of the eToro trading app are perfectly extrapolable to the PC platform; and vice versa.

There are very good reviews of this platform, as can be seen on portals such as or the Google Play Store, among others. Adjectives such as „easy“, „intuitive“, „good“, „simple“, among others are noted in the comments on these pages, which shows that most users enjoy a pleasant experience when using this trading platform.

What is a little more limited is the manual trading part. If you are looking for a broker for manual trading our opinion agrees with other users in the sense that there are brokers more recommended than eToro for this type of trading where more powerful tools for technical analysis, management of open positions, detection of new opportunities, etc. are required.

Most of the negative opinions we have found about eToro are based on technical problems that the web platform can occasionally suffer from, such as disconnections, outages, access problems, etc. In this sense, it must be taken into account that being a web platform offers numerous advantages in terms of flexibility, being able to work from various locations and different computers or devices, but it also has disadvantages, especially when dealing with a broker as popular as eToro, where thousands of users from all over the world are simultaneously connected to its platform.

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